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The partner section of this website is intended solely for use by partners of Paulaner Franchise & Consulting GmbH.


How can I register?

Go to the login section found under the "Registration" tab to begin the registration process. Once you have registered here, you will receive an email with further instructions on how to proceed. 


I have entered all of my data into the registration form, but am unable to proceed further.

It's possible that you have missed a mandatory field (a field marked with an asterisk*) or did not enter a data field correctly. Please take another look at your registration form to make sure there are no such errors. Should any error messages appear, please correct the area(s) marked in red in order to successfully complete the registration process.


I cannot register with my chosen email address, why not?

It's possible that your email address was not entered correctly. Please note that you can only register one time with your email address.


Why do I have to choose a user group/ function?

Access rights to the partner sections are defined in accordance to the user group/ function. The administrator reserves the right to customize these permissions when necessary.


I have completed registration and my registration is confirmed, so how can it be that I'm still not registered?

Before you can sign in, our administrator must review your registration. You will be notified by email once it is activated.


How do I get a password?

Once registration is confirmed by the administrator, you will receive a system-generated password via email.


Can I change my password?

JaYes, you can, just login to the partner section, and then click on the "Profile" tab to change your password.


I forgot my password, what can I do?

Please use the "Forgot Password" function located on the login page ("Registration" tab). Enter your email address with which you registered here. You will then receive an email asking you to confirm that you have forgotten your password. Upon confirmation, a new email will be sent to you containing your new password.


I clicked on the link in the email to confirm resetting my password, but I still have not received a new password.

The link in the email is only valid for a certain amound of time. If this time has expired, please repeat the procedure, via the "Forgot Password" function again.


I received notification that my password is incorrect. But I'm sure I did not enter it incorrectly, nor have I changed it.

Your password is reset automatically every 3 months. You will always receive your new password to the email account that you used to register. In case you have forgotten, or cannot find the new password, please use the "Forgot Password" function located in the login section ("Registration" tab).





How can I login?

Go to the "Login" tab found on the login page and enter your login information (business email address/ password). Then click on the "Register" button.



System Requirements:


Why does the partner section display incorrectly, or rather, why can it not be used to its full extent?

Have you checked to see if your computer meets the minimum requirements necessary for the partner section to run properly? These can be found on the login page under the tab "System Requirements".


My computer meets the system requirements for the partner section to run but nonetheless is not displaying correctly.

Please contact our administrator at


Is there a simplified version of the partner section that can run with fewer requirements?

No, such a version does not exist.

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